Wednesday, February 17, 2016

News from my notebook

This article comes straight from my notebook. It was written in the fall of 2014. Not new, but definitely newsworthy.

If I do say so myself ...

What object is truly important to me? My notebook.

It is open, waiting for me to imprint on it, waiting for my mark. Who I am inside meets its pages, its spaces, lines. I write between, within the lines -- revealing the possibilities of being discursive within the box. This notebook, the white pages awaiting my colored ink, reveals the power dynamics outside of it.

The color working on the white background, doing the work, being the substance, the feeling, giving the white background meaning, even if it is always known as a notebook -- not known by its words, characters.

This notebook reflects the outside world: the color, the white. The open page awaiting our contribution, waiting to claim it, capture, contain, take credit for what is within us.

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